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Wilton Reassurance Co.

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Wilton Reassurance Company (Wilton Re) is a young company in the reinsurance industry. The company focuses on developing strategic relationships with its clients by focusing on a "philosophy to openness." Claiming that clients have access to every level of Wilton Re, including the senior management team, Wilton Re expects the same level of access to clients' goals, directives and strategies.

The company would like to be seen "as strategic partners, not just vendors" in the industry. Wilton Re provides reinsurance to U.S. life insurance companies, specifically for term products, universal life, whole life, fixed annuities, deferred annuities and equity indexed annuities. Wilton Re also offers a service called "Run Off Solutions," which provides clients with the means to reallocate unwanted business and free-up "trapped" capital. This service, coupled with the traditional reinsurance approach, is a part of Wilton Re's "convergence between the capital markets and reinsurance."


Wilton Re is a new company formed to fill a perceived void in the reinsurance industry left by recent consolidation. The company opened its doors four years ago in January 2005 after its parent company, Wilton Re Holdings Limited, secured $628 million of equity capital commitments to fund the reinsurance venture. In 2007, Wilton Re secured another $300 million in investment capital from Lehman Bros. boosting its total capital to $928 million.


Wilton Re maintains an "A-" or "excellent" rating from the agency A.M. Best rating agency based on its access to capital. The non-superior rating comes from doubt in the company's ability to achieve its long-term goals.

Wilton Re
187 Danbury Rd.
Riverview Bldg., Third Fl.
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 762-4400

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