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United Family Life Insurance

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United Family Life Insurance provides life insurance under its parent company, Assurant Solutions. Working through the Preneed Division, United Family Life offers policy holders the chance to make and purchase funeral and burial arrangements. Policies can be paid for in one sum or made in payments over the span of one to 10 years. In the United States, preneed insurance is offered through a network of funeral and cemetery companies throughout the country. United Family Life's Canada office offers preneed insurance through various funeral service associations and insurance organizations.

History of United Family Life Insurance Co.

United Family Life Insurance was created in 1940 in Georgia. Although it's now a nationwide policy provider, it's still has its headquarters in Atlanta. In 1980, United Family Life Insurance become a subsidiary of Assurant Solutions' Preneed Division. As a part of Assurant Preneed, United Family Life underwrites the life insurance and annuity products purchased through its parent company. United Family Life operates in all states except for New York. Along with all the other companies that make up Assurant Solutions, United Family Life is one of the nation's leading insurance providers. Assurant Solutions has approximately $22 billion in assets.

United Family Life Insurance Co. Ratings

According to A.M. Best, the nation's leading insurance ratings service, United Family Life Insurance, under Assurant Insurance Group, received a rating of "A" (Excellent). This rating was confirmed November 2008.

260 Interstate North Cir. SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 763-1000

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