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Southern Life And Health Insurance

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Southern Life and Health Insurance is a small insurance company based in Birmingham, Alabama. True to its name, Southern Life and Health primarily serves the two states of Florida and Alabama, although the company is licensed in Mississippi, Texas, Delaware, Louisiana and Wisconsin.

Much of the company's business comes from coinsurance agreements on paid-up and extended term life policies from United Insurance Co. in Illinois and Union National Life Insurance in Louisiana. Southern Life and Health is owned by Geneve Holdings Inc. Southern Life and Health Insurance offers accident, life and health insurance. As of 1999 (the latest figures available), the company managed more than $100 million in total assets.

Southern's History

The company was founded in 1890.

How to Contact Southern Life

Southern Life and Health Insurance
600 University Park Pl.
Birmingham, AL 35209-6774
(205) 414-3000

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