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Cigna Life Insurance

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Cigna offers term life and universal life insurance policies to employers based in the United States. Cigna International extends life insurance benefits to those employees who live outside the U.S., or who are on an international assignment.

Cigna's term life plan includes a terminal illness benefit which provides a 50 percent payment of death benefits when the insured is faced with imminent loss of life. The following options are also available under Cigna's term life insurance plan: waiver of premium, policy conversion, portability, and an automatic increase in coverage.

The universal life insurance plan is similar to the term life plan in that it provides financial protection for a specified time period, though the universal life policy also includes a Cash Accumulation Fund which earns interest on a tax-deferred basis.

Contacting Cigna

CIGNA Corporate Headquarters
Two Liberty Place
1601 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19192
800.828.3485 (Group Universal Life)
800.732.1603 (Term Life)

History of Cigna

Cigna is the result of a merger, in 1981, between Insurance Company of North America (INA), founded in 1792, as the first marine insurance company, and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG), which was incorporated in 1865. As early as 1794, INA issued the first life insurance policy in the United States. The policy, sold to a sea captain, included a provision that his life insurance would pay out even if he was captured by Barbary Coast pirates.

In 1913, Cigna entered the group life insurance industry. Since that time, Cigna has become a leading provider of life insurance to financial institutions, trade associations (comprised of 2 or more employees), professional associations, and unions.

Cigna's Ratings

The most recent ratings for Cigna Life Insurance are as follows:

  • Standard & Poor's: A
  • Fitch: A+
  • A.M. Best: A
  • Moody's Investor: A2

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